Release Day Appreciation!

It’s finally here! Today, Falling for Forever is launched out into the world! *sniff sniff*

So many thank yous for so many folks!

Stacy Abrams and Heather Howland, Editors Extraordinaire! Thank you both for all your hard work on this book! You are helping me grow as a writer one book at a time!

The rest of the Entangled team, you are professional and among some of the hardest working people in the book biz! Thank you for all you do, especially the stuff I don’t even know you do!

Bloggers, you have been so kind to me! You read the books (so many books!) and you write the reviews and you get nothing in return but your love of novels! Bless you all for your work and for your beautiful sites!

Readers! You read when you could be watching television or scrolling through your social media. You get wrapped up in stories and characters and you let authors transport you to their own little worlds for a spell. You are appreciated more than you know.

Friends, you keep me sane, especially you, the Wonder Women!

Writer friends, we do this together, and I can’t imagine it any other way! Thank you for the advice you give, your willingness to share your work, and the inspiration you provide. You are all beyond precious to me.

Family, you give me time to write, and you never complain…ever. You are supportive and wonderful, and my absolute everything.

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