5-4-3-2-1 Countdown to DOWN FOR HER! (2 days till release!)

Just two more days until DOWN FOR HER will be released into the wild! 

Today’s feature — three truths and a lie about Kylie and Brett.

I’m an excellent snow skier.
I like taking care of people.
I’ve never held a real job.
I won’t fall for a player.

I love old cars.
I’ve got a snake tattoo on my inner thigh.
I’m a mama’s boy.
I won’t let things get serious with Kylie.

Which one is the lie? You’ve got to read the book to find out!

About the book…

From champagne to salt water…

Walking into her new employee housing unit at Destiny Dunes resort, the last thing Kylie McBride expects to see is a dripping wet naked guy. Turns out the unit was double-booked. All Kylie wants is to take her glorious new job as pool girl and prove to herself that she doesn’t need to go crawling back to her two-timing ex or her controlling dad. But with only twenty bucks to her name, no credit cards, and no place to live, she’s as good as fish bait. With the hunky, now-clothed Brett offering his bed for the weekend, she might have a reprieve. She just needs to keep the resort’s biggest player out of her heart.

Occupational Therapist Brett Hargrove may spend his days working with kids, but his nights and weekends are dedicated to charming the ladies…and to helping his mom care for his sick grandmother. The last thing he’s looking for is a relationship, until a housing mix-up has the captivating Kylie standing in his living room with her suitcases. His life is not set up for a girlfriend—that’s bitten him in the ass before. He’s got to stay strong and make sure Kylie understands his heart is off limits. Otherwise, this thing between them is certain to detonate.

Welcome to Destiny Dunes, where the only thing hotter than the Florida sun is the romance between this resort’s employees. Each book in this steamy series focuses on your favorite romance tropes. Once you enter the gates of Destiny Dunes, you’ll never want to leave!



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